Dark House Northern Pike Spears
Spearing Pike through the Ice

20 years of testing

Darkhouse northern pike spearing ia a passion for many.  In 1991, unable to find a quality all welded steel darkhouse spear for spearing pike, Joe Abbott started to make his own.  Over the course of the last 20 years, he has designed and modified his line of 5 and 7 prong pike spears into a line of trusty workhorses that excel underwater.

Hawkeyes darkhouse spears are not designed as decor for the cabin wall.   Water jet, plasma cut, and laser engraved spears extracted from a single piece of steel may look great, but that is where their edge ends.  Flat spears grab water like a plane wing and go where the laws of physics send them.   Hawkeye pike spears are made to kill fish with their welded weight forward from round steel to help compensate for any throwing form mistakes.  These rugged pike spears are made for the men of winter who want a dependable, solid steel, weight forward ice spear that balances in the hand and does not plane when it hits the water.

Hawkeyes signature northern pike spear is a 7 prong replaceable tip double barbed workhorse that exceeds the expectations of even the most  experienced spearfishermen.  Rocks, logs, sand, and marl are not forgiving to anyone spearing pike.  Our replaceable 33% nylon glass filled tips offer twice the holding power of a traditional spear, and were designed to absorb damage to the prongs that would send conventional spears to the junk yard.

If you are new to the sport of darkhouse spearing stick around.  Our multimedia page is filled with tips and tricks to help get you on and into fish.  We also have links to some great clubs such as The Minnesota Dark House & Angling Association,  Michigan Dark House Angling Association, and forums like IceShanty.

Dark house pike spearing is a fairly simple sport, and the gear required is not extensive.  A few spearing decoys, a dark house, an ice saw, and an  fishing spear are all you need to get started.

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A Hawkeye spear may be just the spear you have been looking for.




Hawkeye Pike spears have been around for a long time.  Pike spearing is a way of life for many.  If you decide to try pike spearing, get a good holding northern pike spear to get that fish onto the ice and into your truck!